Konica 1024-42LHB Print Head


Basic Info.

  • Brand: Konica
  • Technology: On-Demand Piezo Electric
  • Cal. Droplet Size: 42  pico litre
  • Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 1024
  • Print Width: 72 mm
  • Ink Type: UV
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Original or Not: Original
  • New or Used: Brand New
  • Warranty Policy: No Warranty

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

1.Konica KM 1024 print head is specially designed for wide printing with a printing width of 72mm to ensure high productivity. The number of nozzles in this equipment is twice that of KM512 print head, which can achieve the high density required for 72 mm printing width.

2. The working voltage of Konica Minolta’s piezoelectric inkjet print head with on-demand technology is lower than other inkjet print heads, but the new actuator of KM1024 can achieve greater energy saving. Therefore, the print head is most in line with the principle of environmental protection design, which embodies Konica Minolta’s consistent environmental awareness.

3. Because of the new integrated circuit, KM1024 print head can print ink drops of up to eight sizes. This can better control the printed image and ensure a smoother gradient and a more accurately defined hue. The capacity of the print head is 14 liters or 42 liters.


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