Konica HS1000 Print Head (Konica 1024iLHE)


Basic Info.

  • Brand: Konica
  • Technology: Piezo Drop On-Demand
  • Greyscale: 8 levels
  • Native Resolution: 360 dpi (4 rows x 90 dpi)
  • Native Drop Volume (L): 30 pl
  • Max. Drops in Greyscale: 8 drops
  • Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 1024 (256 x 4 rows)
  • Print Width: 72.12 mm
  • Max Firing Frequency: 27 kHz
  • Drive Voltage: 13+-3V
  • Ink Compatibility: UV
  • Heater: Integrated
  • Recommended Temperature: Under 55 degrees C
  • Dimensions: W131mm x D18mm x H94mm
  • Weight: Less than 150g

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

1. The Konica Minolta KM1024i LHE 30PL print head has high speed and productivity. It uses “independent” jet technology, which is not limited by the low speed of the old “shared wall” technology. It has been verified in various single channel systems, and the printing speed of a single row print head can reach 80 meters per minute.

2. KM1024i print heads come in sizes of 6, 14, and 30pl ink droplets. This Konica Minolta KM1024i LHE 30PL printhead is a large native ink drop volume variant (30pl) for UV ink (integrated heater).


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