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Fespa 2019- Johope Visitors

During Fespa 2019, we have shown many products, we have shown, ricoh gen5 print head, ricoh gen4 print head, Epson dx5 print heads, Mimaki jv34 print head, Epson dx5 print heads, Starfire 1024 print heads, Xaar 1201 print head, those showings have attracted many clients come to visit… besides, we took our OEM sub tanks, which make for digital textile printers, and metal sub tanks for uv printers.  Johope was crowded with clients all the time.

Below will show some movements in the expo.  we had Sales. Wendy Cao Sophia Zhang, Alma Wong,  Stephen Cai,

The expo was pretty successful. if you need signage, banners, textiles printings, uv printing.. just come to visit the show. it is worth visiting.

We will attend Fespa from time to time, you could pay attention to our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


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