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Johope Wraps Up Shanghai APPP Expo with Triumph

Johope showcased its latest line of printer parts from February 28 to March 2 at the Shanghai APPP Expo, injecting new vitality into the printing industry.

Shanghai, February 28th-March2nd — Johope took the stage at the Shanghai APPP Expo, unveiling its cutting-edge printer parts and becoming a highlight of the event. This exhibition marked a significant appearance for Johope in the printing industry, attracting professionals, creative designers, and industry leaders.

Booth Highlights

The Johope booth gathered meticulously selected printer parts, showcasing advanced technology and innovative design. Our professional team demonstrated the outstanding performance and multifunctional features of the products, drawing a significant audience.

In-depth Interaction with Industry Professionals

During the exhibition, the Johope team engaged in in-depth conversations with industry professionals, sharing the latest industry trends and technological innovations. Through these close connections established with participants, we expanded our business network and deepened our understanding of market demands.

Successful Introduction of New Product Lines

As a key highlight of the exhibition, Johope introduced a range of innovative printer parts, including but not limited to ink cartridges, printheads, and ink pumps. These products garnered widespread attention and received high praise from industry peers.

Exhibition Summary

Participating in the Shanghai APPP Expo was a profoundly meaningful experience for Johope, successfully showcasing the company’s strength and innovation in the field of printer parts. We will continue our dedication to providing high-quality, innovative products to meet the ever-growing needs of customers.
Johope expresses gratitude to all partners, customers, and attendees for their support during the exhibition. Their support serves as the driving force behind the company’s continuous growth. Looking forward to future collaboration opportunities, We are eager to jointly usher in a new chapter for the printing industry.


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