2023 SIGN ISTANBUL Was a Success!

On September 24, 2023, the four-day Turkish Advertising Exhibition (SIGN ISTANBUL) came to an end. As the largest advertising technology and outdoor equipment exhibition in Turkey, it is an open platform for enterprises to display scientific and technological achievements and expand the market. JOHOPE Technology also actively participated in this exhibition with the fullest enthusiasm. Thank you to all old and new friends for your presence and guidance, and to every customer for their trust and support in us. Although the exhibition only lasts 4 days, our enthusiasm will not fade. All employees of JOHOPE Technology will serve you with sincerity, integrity, and enthusiasm, and look forward to meeting you again!

During the exhibition, JOHOPE displayed our products and services to partners from all over the country. Looking back at the exhibition, the exhibition was still very lively and there was an endless stream of visitors. Although it only lasted for 4 days, our booth has always been a popular gathering place with huge crowds and high enthusiasm. We received friends from all over the world to visit and communicate and received constant praise. Next, let us review the wonderful moments of the exhibition together!

JOHOPE Technology has been deeply involved in the field of wide-format inkjet printer spare parts for nearly two decades and has developed into a leading manufacturer and supplier in this industry. At this exhibition, JOHOPE brought professional and efficient digital printing parts solutions. Some of the products unveiled at the exhibition included printheads, ink dampers, ink pumps, filters, solenoid valves, wipers, and sub tanks to meet the different needs of customers. need. By displaying various products with powerful performance and professional focus, JOHOPE at this exhibition demonstrated our significant research results and technical advantages in the field of wide-format inkjet printer spare parts, as well as its green and environmental protection concepts at the forefront of the industry, and gained a lot of recognized by many industry professionals. As of the end of this exhibition, JOHOPE Technology has reached cooperation intentions with many partners, laying a more solid foundation for the company’s future development.

The four days of the exhibition passed by in a hurry. Every communication and every negotiation was worthy of our review and thinking. The JOHOPE team was always enthusiastic and patiently explained the products and analyzed the market for every customer. They listened carefully and answered questions seriously. We hope that through this exhibition we provide every customer with safe and secure products and services in this era of rapid development.

This exhibition ended successfully, but as a pioneer in the field of inkjet printer spare parts, JOHOPE Technology has been deeply involved in the industry and is committed to providing professional digital printing parts solutions to users in the advertising industry, driving industry technology updates and iterations, and assisting digital printing Industrial empowerment.

We look forward to seeing you again. In the future development process, JOHOPE Technology will continue to work hand in hand with our partners to contribute our part to promote the development of the industry!

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