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JOHOPE’s Third Time to Enter Turkish Market

SIGN ISTANBUL (24th International Advertising Industry and Digital Printing Technologies Fair) will open its door from September 21 to 24, 2023. As the largest advertising technology and outdoor equipment exhibition in Turkey, SIGN ISTANBUL brings together exhibitors and sellers from other countries including Europe, Africa, Asia, America, the Middle East, CIS countries, and the Balkans. The exhibition held in Istanbul, Turkey aims to promote the advertising and printing industries to move towards higher quality and higher efficiency!

After 2021 and 2014, three years after the epidemic, Johope Technology will once again enter the Turkish market. Johope has been deeply involved in the field of wide-format inkjet printer spare parts for nearly two decades and has developed into a leading manufacturer and supplier in this industry. We seize this opportunity to increase brand awareness and reach out to new markets in the Eurasian Expo. We hope that customers from home and abroad will have a deeper understanding of our products and services to increase customer trust and recognition. At that time, the Johope team will not only bring professional and efficient digital printing parts solutions to this exhibition but also actively discuss with peers from around the world to understand new trends in industry development and market dynamics.

Johope’s printer spare parts are waiting for you to find out! We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and show you the charm of advanced digital printing! Looking forward to your arrival, we are glad to cooperate with you!
Some of the printing machine parts unveiled at the exhibition:
Printhead, ink damper, capping, ink pump, solenoid valve, sub tank

Exhibition Information

Exhibition name: 24th International Advertising Industry and Digital Printing Technologies Fair

Exhibition time: September 21-24, 2023

Place to visit: 11A Hall, Stand NO. C-50B

Venue: Street Harbiye 34367 Istanbul Turkey




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