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Kyocera Releases “True Circular” Printhead

In recent years, China’s high-speed inkjet printing has developed rapidly. Kyocera’s advantages in industrial-grade printheads are very obvious. In addition, Kyocera has worked hard to expand the Chinese market in the past two years, and the proportion of Kyocera printheads has skyrocketed. At present, Kyocera printheads are widely used in outdoor advertising, business printing, on-demand printing, textiles, ceramics/building materials, label/packaging printing, and 3D printing. Kyocera is also increasing and accelerating its layout in China’s industrial printing market.

On July 13, 2023, at the 2023 World Packaging Industry Expo (WORLD EXPO OF PACKAGING INDUSTRY, referred to as WEPACK), a reporter from Keyin. cn interviewed Yuuto Watanabe, Director of the Second Sales Department of the Printing Devices Division of Kyocera (China) Trading Co., Ltd., he introduced to reporters in detail the new EX series inkjet print heads and UV LED products released by Kyocera (China) Trading. Minister Watanabe expressed his hope to promote the rapid development of the inkjet printing industry with innovative technologies and contribute to the realization of green, environmentally friendly, digital, automated, and intelligent inkjet printing.

What Does “True Circulation” Mean? The new EX series inkjet printhead released by Kyocera at this exhibition is called a “true circulation” printhead. What does “true circulation” mean?

Minister Watanabe: At this exhibition, Kyocera launched the EX series inkjet print head for the first time, which combines technologies such as “a new version of monolithic piezoelectric braking” and “straight-through auxiliary circulation flow path near the nozzle hole”. The head piezoelectric actuator adopts a new version of Kyocera’s integral piezoelectric actuator, which enables easy installation and more accurate printing.
Secondly, the EX series printhead is equipped with a piezoelectric brake in a high-strength box frame structure, which has a higher safety factor.
Finally, the EX series printhead has developed an auxiliary circulation flow path that passes directly near the nozzle hole. Even if the previous printhead has circulation, it is only the internal circulation of the laminate and cannot reach its nozzle surface. However, the circulation of the new EX series printheads can reach the nozzle surface. In other words, it realizes a true circulation head!

Kyocera “True Circular” printhead EX600 RC

EX series inkjet printhead released by Kyocera at this exhibition

Advantages of EX Series Kyocera Printhead

Keyin. cn: What are the advantages and highlights of the EX series inkjet printhead? What is the difference from the previous printhead?

Director Watanabe: The piezoelectric actuator, the core component in Kyocera printheads, is developed and manufactured by Kyocera using special technology. It uses large-scale integrated piezoelectric actuators to achieve uniform print image quality. The EX series inkjet printhead also uses this piezoelectric actuator, and the size of the printhead is basically the same as the previous one, making it easier for equipment manufacturers to complete equipment development.

Easier to use printhead. The EX series inkjet printhead effectively solves the problem of poor printing density and has higher stability.

The choice of inks is wider. The new recyclable printhead can effectively improve some problems with clogging. Its introduction allows inkjet equipment manufacturers to have a wider range of ink choices, helping printing companies to effectively reduce operating costs. And with the continuous improvement of ink technology, it is expected that there will be greater room for growth in the future.

Print head with better printability. Because the circulation is an overall circulation inside the printhead, some inks that are easy to dry can also be used. For example, white ink, which has relatively large particles and is easy to settle, can also be used on our new circulation head.

This version of the monolithic piezoelectric brake is Kyocera’s unique technology, which is a leader in the industry.

KJ4B series/AQ
KJ4B-1200 (RC)KJ4B-1200
Nozzle Number51165312
Nozzle Number(In Effective Print Width)51165312
Standard Resolution (dpi)1200*12001200*1200
Effective Print Width (mm)108.27112.42
Drive Frequency (kHz)8064
Print Speed (m/min)10080
Drop Volume (pl)2/41.5/3/5
Size (W*D*H) (mm)200*58.5*79.3200*56*79.1
Ink Viscosity (mPa*S)5.5-6.05.5-6.0


Nozzle Number26561328*2 channels
Nozzle Number(In Effective Print Width)25581328*2
Standard Resolution (dpi)600*600300*300
Effective Print Width (mm)108.25112.35
Drive Frequency (kHz)4030
Print Speed (m/min)100152
Drop Volume (pl)5/7/125/7/12/18
Size (W*D*H) (mm)200*30*69.1200*36*68.5
Ink Viscosity (mPa*S)66

Kyocera inkjet printhead KJ4B (water-based) series specifications


Kyocera EX Series Inkjet Printheads Applications

Keyin. cn: What are the application market areas targeted by Kyocera EX series inkjet printheads? What is the approximate price of the new product?

Minister Watanabe: I think this product achieves very competitive product performance and price in the current market. It can be mainly used in textile, carton, and POD fields. We are currently promoting the evaluation and development after installation on the machine. In addition, because this printhead uses water-based ink, we expect it to make greater contributions to these three markets in the future. In terms of price, we will work out a reasonable price that matches the performance of the product.

EX Series kyocera Printhead Test Currently, are there any users testing or installing this printhead? What’s the feedback?

Minister Watanabe: In order to benefit more users, we are making a series of attempts. This new printhead is currently being evaluated in different production environments in the production workshops of existing Kyocera customers. The current test feedback from customers is very good. Everyone’s feedback focuses on two points. First, this new product has better expressiveness and superior performance than previous printheads; second, the color difference problem has also been well solved, and printing The effect is very good. So, overall, this printhead has received positive responses from customers.

KJ4A series/UV
Nozzle Number265626561328*2 channels
Nozzle Number(In Effective Print Width)255825581328*2
Standard Resolution (dpi)600*600600*600300*300
Effective Print Width (mm)108.25108.25112.35
Drive Frequency (kHz)302030
Print Speed (m/min)7550152
Drop Volume (pl)3/7/11/143/6/134/6/10/14
Size (W*D*H) (mm)200*30*69.4200*25*57.9200*36*68.8
Ink Viscosity (mPa*S)776.5-7.0

Kyocera inkjet printhead KJ4A (UV) series specifications

Kyocera UV LED Products In addition to the EX series inkjet printheads, Kyocera UV LED products were also unveiled at this exhibition. What are the characteristics of the new products and what advanced technologies are used?

Minister Watanabe: As we all know, ceramics are widely used in various Kyocera products. Kyocera has successfully developed LED-based ceramic packaging. Compared with LED packaging methods using resin materials, ceramic-packaged LEDs have stronger heat dissipation and heat resistance, and the intensity of light that can be released by the LED lamp head will be stronger.

Ceramic packaging technology allows Kyocera to successfully achieve a very competitive intensity of LED lamp headlights on the market. UV ink dries faster, so printing speed is faster and efficiency is higher.

Because of its stronger heat dissipation and heat resistance, the ceramic-encapsulated LED lamp head has a longer service life, with a usage time of about 15,000 hours, and the degree of attenuation after use is relatively low, which solves the problem of short replacement cycle and high maintenance cost of LED lamp heads for customers in one fell swoop. problem. It is more efficient and lasts longer, so it is very environmentally friendly.

kyocera Printhead Impact With the release of Kyocera EX series inkjet printheads and UV LED products in the Chinese market, I believe it will bring different value to Kyocera’s existing and future customers. What positive impact will this have on the entire industry?

Minister Watanabe: Kyocera’s EX series is suitable for the water-based ink printing market, and UV LED products are targeted at the UV ink market. We hope to make greater contributions to the digital printing industry through these two products. The development of these new technologies brings new added value to customers, the entire industry, and even the world.

kyocera Printhead Value Who are Kyocera’s current partners in the Chinese market? What added value will the newly launched printhead bring to the industry and users?

Minister Watanabe: Kyocera inkjet printheads are suitable for use in multiple industries and can provide extensive support for the digital printing industry. The EX600 series printhead uses water-based ink. Its high precision, high productivity and long life are very suitable for the three fields of POD, industrial digital textile printing, and carton printing, and the customers who use Kyocera printheads are in these three markets. A relatively leading company. We hope to continue to cooperate with these customers and move forward together. Through their use of new nozzles and joint development of application fields, we can make greater contributions to the digitalization of printing in the entire industry.

Take POD as an example. After years of accumulation and precipitation, this market has experienced a blowout development in recent years. In recent years, it has begun to develop rapidly in the direction of colorization. Color inkjet digital printing machines using Kyocera printheads can achieve resolutions up to 1200 dpi and multi-level grayscale, with production speeds up to 150m/min. On a technical level, it can already compete with traditional offset printing.

Since the ink droplets of the equipment are smaller and the use of consumables has also been reduced, the printing balance point between it and traditional offset printing may be pushed up from less than 2,000 copies in the past to 2,000~4,000 copies or even higher. It is suitable for the books and periodicals market, commercial printing market, government document printing instruction manual printing, etc. The printing quality can meet the needs of mid-range printed matter. In the future, we also look forward to continuing to achieve greater results in the market.

The Future of Industrial Inkjet Printing What do you think is the current stage of China’s high-speed inkjet market? What opportunities will there be for industrial inkjet printing in the future?

Minister Watanabe: From the perspective of the end application market of industrial inkjet printing, the overall scale of China’s ceramic industry, textile industry, printed electronics, paper printing, and other industries are firmly at the forefront of the same industry. Currently, industrial inkjet printing is at the forefront of these fields. The application progress is uneven, but China’s inkjet market not only has huge potential but also has a considerable scale.

We can see that two or three years ago, there were very few digital printing equipment suppliers participating in WEPACK. However, at this exhibition, we can see that the number of digital printing equipment manufacturers is already quite large.

The reason why the Kyocera EX600 circulating print head was chosen to be released at this exhibition is that we hope that more inkjet equipment manufacturers can use our new printhead products, cooperate, and jointly open up the carton inkjet printing market.

Kyocera has been cooperating with equipment manufacturers in the field of cartons and labels many years ago to jointly develop projects, and the results are worth looking forward to. Kyocera’s printheads stand out with their advantages of stability, high speed, and durability. With the continued efforts of Kyocera’s technical team and the continuous upgrading of products, I believe these industrial-grade printheads will become a powerful boost to the rapid development of digital printing in China. machine, I believe that China’s development is the development of the world, and I hope to continue to contribute to China’s digital inkjet printing industry!

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