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Nice Cooperation With Indian Client

In July, I received an inquiry from an Indian client: Sunil, he told me that need some spare parts recently.

I answered his request and asked him what his details demands were.

The next day, he sent me his requirement list. So from this day, we started to communicate almost every day.I sent him spare part pictures and confirmed the detailed models with him one by one.

After knowing the models of all parts, I sent an invoice to Sunil for final order confirmation.

When he check the invoice, he paid without hesitation.

After receiving payment, I arranged packing and shipping immediately.

Sunil received all goods, he was satisfied with our products. After that, we have been closed the second deal, and the third deal…keep going on.

If you also need digital printer spare parts, please feel free to contact us. We are sure any of your questions will get our prompt reply.


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