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Printer Upgrade from DX5 Head into Epson XP600 Head Installed in Mexico

Printer upgrade from DX5 print head printer into epson XP600 print head printer, now installed in Mexico successfully.

Recently, we sold a lot XP600 board kits to many customers from different countries. They changed their damaged, slow, old-times printer into new printer with new technology-Epson XP600 print head printer. Epson XP600 print head’s speed is much faster than Epson DX5, but compared with the price, it is not even half of dx5 head.

Here is a case from Mexico:

He bought xp600 double head kit board and single kit board from Johope technology. The beginning was slow, because we need to know if he knows technicals, if he has the ability to install a printer… After long talk, he made up his mind bought 2 sets of board kits. We gave the software and drivers. He tried several times, finnally he made the printer works, also send the video to us. He said,” functional bien, which is works well in English… and also will continue buy many (much as in Spanish )products soon…

Welcome to inquiry about the board kit and head. Johope will here waiting you.

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