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2022 Inkjet Printer Supplies Shopping Guide: Cartridge or Ink

The cost of using a printer not only includes the price of the printer but also the cost of consumables in the later stage of the printer. You should pay more attention to the cost of printer supplies when purchasing a printer.


Inkjet printer classification

Inkjet printers can be divided into two types: “cartridge type” and “ink tank type”. The corresponding consumables are divided into “cartridge” and “ink”. Generally, the price of inkjet printers is cheap, but the ink cartridges are more expensive. The cost is higher; the ink tank type is supplied by the original factory. The price of the machine is more expensive, but the ink can be added, the ink price is cheaper, and the printing cost is lower. Therefore, it is recommended that when you buy an inkjet printer, it is better to choose an ink tank-type inkjet printer, but you can also consider it if the ink cartridges are cheap.


What are the frequently asked questions about Printer supplies?

1. Where is inkjet printer ink generally consumed?

(1) The printing process normally consumes ink.

(2) To obtain reliable and optimized print quality, inkjet printers usually perform a startup and calibration process, which consumes a certain amount of ink.

(3) To prevent the nozzles of the print head from being blocked, the ink is sprayed through the nozzles of the print head to clean the print head. This operation will consume a certain amount of ink.

(4) The ink in the ink cartridge may evaporate some of the ink over a long period.

(5) To improve the printing quality or improve the reliability of the printer, the printer may improve the printing quality and effect on plain paper by adding a small amount of colored ink to some black areas, even if the printing content only contains black text and graphics.

2. How to choose inkjet printer supplies?

When purchasing, you need to specify the printer model and the corresponding model of ink or ink cartridge.

(1) Select original consumables: original ink cartridge or original ink.

(2) Choose alternative consumables: ink cartridges or ink, pay attention to using non-original consumables, which may cause the machine within the after-sales maintenance period to not enjoy normal after-sales service.

3. When to replenish ink?

When the ink indicator light is constant or the ink volume is lower than 2cm, the ink needs to be replenished. If you continue to print, air may enter, resulting in blank printing.


Recommended original consumables for various brands of printers

1. Epson’s original ink cartridges

Epson T05N1 Black Ink Cartridge
Applicable models: Epson WF-7848/WF-7318

2. Epson’s original ink and alternative ink

(1) Epson (EPSON) original 002 ink [4 colors 1 set] [black|cyan|magenta|yellow]
Applicable models: Epson L4151 L4153 L4158 L4168 ink tank printer

(2) Epson 004 Ink Set (1 Black 3 Color)
Applicable models: Epson L3153 L3116 L3117 L3118 L3119 L3158 L1118 ink tank printer

3. Canon original ink cartridges

(1) Canon PG-845XL original ink cartridge black large capacity
Applicable models: Canon TS3480, MG3080, MG2980, MG2580, MG2580S, etc.

(2) Canon CL-846XL original ink cartridge color large-capacity pack
Applicable models: Canon TS3480, MG3080, MG2980, MG2580, MG2580S, etc.

(3) Canon PG-48 original ink cartridge black standard capacity pack
Applicable models: Canon E3480, E478R, E488R, E478, E468, etc.

(4) Canon CL-58 color ink cartridge
Applicable models: Canon E3480, E478R, E488R, E478, E468, etc.

4. Canon original ink and alternative ink

Canon GI-890 BK Black Ink Color Ink
Applicable models: Canon G3810/G3800/G2800/G2810

5. Original HP ink cartridges

(1) Hewlett Packard (HP) 46 Original Black Ink Cartridge
Applicable models: hp Deskjet 2020hc/2520hc/2529/2029/4729

(2) Hewlett-Packard (hp) 47 ink cartridge original color ink cartridge
Applicable models: hp 4825 4826

6. Original HP inks and replacement inks

Original Hewlett-Packard (HP) GT51/52/53 Color Ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
Applicable models: hp tank310/410/5810/5820/418/411/419/518/519

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