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Which printer head is Better for Large Format Printer?

At present, the three most common large-format print heads in the industry are Epson, Toshiba, and Ricoh. The life, accuracy, and stability of the print head directly affect the use of subsequent equipment. The core is to look at the price of the print head. Cheap print heads are not as expensive as expensive ones. Many customers do not know much about print heads.


Print fineness

From the perspective of printing fineness, Epson’s print head is the most delicate, followed by Toshiba, and then Ricoh. The Epson print head prints more saturated colors because of its finer orifices and smaller ink dots, which improves the overall printing effect. Toshiba’s print head is second only to Epson, and Ricoh’s nozzle is larger, and the printing effect of the three machines at the same time will be more obvious.

We know that the printing speed is determined by the print head’s fineness, the picture’s quality, and the printing format’s size. Comparing the same printing material, printing pattern, and printing format, Epson has the slowest printing speed, followed by Ricoh, and finally Toshiba. The Toshiba printhead prints twice as fast as the Epson.

Print head performance comparison

1. Printing accuracy: Epson fifth generation print head (ink dot 3.5pl) > Toshiba CE4 print head (ink dot 5pl) > Ricoh G5 print head (ink dot 7pl)

2. Print head life: Toshiba GE4 print head (24-36 months) > Ricoh G5 print head (9-18 months) > Epson fifth generation print head (3-6 months)

3. Print head price: Ricoh 5th generation print head > Toshiba print head > Epson 5th generation print head.

4. Print head stability: Toshiba CE4 print head > Ricoh G5 print head > Epson fifth generation print head.

5. Printing speed: Toshiba CE4 print head > Ricoh G5 print head > Epson fifth generation print head.


All in all, customers can decide according to their comprehensive needs when making a choice. Epson is a civilian print head, and Toshiba and Ricoh are industrial print heads, Toshiba print heads are currently the most cost-effective in the industry, and they have the most choices. At the same time, Toshiba print heads are two years old. Warranty, greatly reducing later maintenance costs.

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