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Which is Better for UV Printer Print Head?

Now there are many Epson print heads on the market, some mid-to-high-end UV printers will use industrial print heads, Ricoh GEN5 print heads, fast speed, high precision, strong stability, and longer life of the print head! Great value for money! The ink dot is 7PL, and the printing speed is three times that of the Epson machine! The nozzle life is three to five years. UV printers are also known as UV flatbed printers and universal printers, which can print in a wide range.



Which is better for the UV printer print head?

Here I will provide a few methods for you to judge for yourself. The specific method is as follows:

1. First, understand the reputation of brands and manufacturers through the Internet, and investigate the relevant information to avoid being deceived.

2. On-the-spot inspection of the factory, after all, it is a matter of tens of thousands, not a small amount. It is better to go to the factory to inspect the factory in person. It mainly depends on the scale of the factory, service attitude, professional knowledge, production capacity, etc.

3. Price is not the only criterion for judging. Different manufacturers and different models have different prices. In contrast, you should choose those with good after-sales service and guaranteed quality.

4. Pay attention when signing the contract, including after-sales, maintenance, warranty coverage, accessories, etc. It is most appropriate to write everything in the contract.


The primary problem in choosing a UV universal printer should be considered the stability of the printer, the selection of the print head, the later maintenance cost (the price of replacing the print head), and after-sales service.



UV printer print head recommended

There are many types of UV printer print heads on the market, such as Kyocera, Seiko, Ricoh, Konica, Starlight, Toshiba, Epson, etc. So which type of UV printer is the best? It is recommended to consider the four aspects of printing speed, accuracy, nozzle life, and price.

1. Ricoh G5 print head

Ricoh print head has been widely used in UV printers since 2013, ink droplet size: 7-14-21 three-level grayscale, physical resolution: 600dpi; the number of nozzles: 1280, effective print head width is 54.1mm; nozzle life 1 -2 years.

2. Kyocera print head

Kyocera print head is noble of the print head, with variable ink drop technology, it can meet the multi-level gray scale of 4-6-10-14, and the physical resolution of the print head is 300*2dpi (dual channel). The advantage of the Kyocera print head is reflected in the number of nozzles: 2656, the maximum ignition frequency: 30KHz, and the effective print head width: 112.35mm, so the Kyocera print head has a great advantage in production capacity, but the price of Kyocera print head will be more expensive Some.

3.Epson print head

The biggest advantage of Epson’s print head is its high precision. Epson’s minimum nozzle size is 3PL, precision: of 1440DPI; the printing speed is about 6 square meters per hour; the life of the print head is about 1 year.

Among them, the Ricoh G5 print head and the Kyocera print head are the standard configurations of the print head of industrial UV printers. The print heads are all high-end industrial UV printers, because the accuracy, productivity, and stability of these two print heads are very high. Great advantage, and Epson print head, because of its low price, meets the production needs of civilian-grade UV printers and is widely used in civilian-grade UV printers. One thing that cannot be ignored is that the parameters of the print head do not represent the actual usage. The specific extent to which the print head can be applied depends on the strength of the UV printer manufacturer.

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