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2022 Newest UV Flatbed Printer Ricoh Print Head

Now more than 75% of customers in the market are using Ricoh print head UV flatbed printers. However, many friends who are new to UV flatbed printers will choose Ricoh’s machines after understanding the market. Among them, Ricoh’s print head is more durable, and it is compared with big data according to market after-sales feedback. Many customers will choose this very practical machine. The pattern is more delicate and precise than the nozzles of Seiko, Konica, and Toshiba. However, many friends in real life did not understand the advantages and disadvantages of Ricoh print heads until the moment they bought the Ricoh UV flatbed printer. To avoid everyone’s blind choice, let us know more about Ricoh UV flatbed printer. The editor will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of Ricoh nozzle UV flatbed printers in detail.

Why are Ricoh printhead UV flatbed printers so popular?

1. Maximum resolution of 2800dpi

the ink with an accuracy of 2800dpi can be adjusted and printed, and the smallest inkjet can reach 7PL, and the printed products are comparable to the photos taken by digital cameras. 2800dpi maximum resolution dual-track twin-screw mechanism controls accurate, stable, and reliable moving track beam positioning trolley fixed linear grating, positioning to ensure high-precision printing light platform makes loading plate easier and more accurate positioning function.

2. Fast speed

fast speed, two-way 4PASS: 25㎡/hour; two-way 6PASS: 15㎡/hour; two-way 8PASS: 10㎡/hour.

3. Multiple functions

there are many functions. The thickness of the printed product of the default model is 100mm, and the UV flatbed printer can be customized with a height of 200~300mm. Applicable to any material: acrylic, PVC, wood products, metal, ABS plastic, glass, ceramic tile, and other flat objects. The maximum load of the printing platform is 100kg/㎡, and the vacuum adsorption platform can firmly absorb printed products, such as mobile phone cases, metal plates, etc. Moreover, the Ricoh nozzle can adapt to the printing effect of high drop and the material within the normal surface drop of 5mm can be printed normally.

4. Humanized operation and high efficiency

the operation is more humanized. The automatic medium thickness measurement and automatic height control system adopts a closed-loop control mode and can automatically adapt to different thicknesses of media to avoid secondary damage to the machine due to human error. There is a significant increase in productivity. The automatic white jump printing function can automatically identify and avoid blank screen parts. The irradiation power can be set according to the reciprocating direction of the printing. 2 UV lamps, automatic two-way rotation, can effectively reduce the channel PASS, powerful nozzle compensation The function can make the print head last longer. Intelligent and user-friendly RIP software imported from the United States, different images can be output in imposition format, which facilitates the daily work of color proofing and proofing, greatly improves efficiency, and solves the problem of splicing errors. The splicing error is less than 0.5 mm. Optional flow Print patterns to suit industrial production lines.

5. Stable working condition

more stable than Seiko and Toshiba. The digital printing equipment is designed according to the operation mode of 24 hours * 7 days, with a variety of durable parts to choose from, to meet the requirements of industrial production, especially when using industrial-grade print heads, it can be used with care and maintenance according to needs 3 -5 years, using IGUS drag chain line, Leisai or Panasonic servo motor, high-precision timing belt, to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation. Ricoh nozzles are equipped with anti-collision protection devices, and the body is equipped with multiple emergency stop switches to ensure personal safety and equipment safety. Automatic flash jetting in standby, the print head is always in the best working condition. X-axis fixed linear grating for high-precision printing and positioning.

6. Ink consumption saved by 50%

The ink consumption can be saved by 50%. Due to the use of variable ink droplet grayscale dot technology, the Ricoh print head is different from the four-color printing of the six-color printing head, because there is no grayscale in the printing head. The dark print, such as the dark KCMY occurs in the local color match with the light of such LmLc light color printing, but whether it is printing or dark printing light color, the ink droplet size of the head is the same, the color is light, just because less It appears to be superficial, but the grayscale print head of the Ricoh print head is different in that the color printing is darker than 21PL, and the lighter place is 14PL printing, while the color printing is 7PL. By adjusting the size of the ink droplets, the ink used can be reduced to accommodate changes in the color depth of the image.

7. Environmental protection

Environmental protection and no pollution, because UV printing is controlled by computer, it is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and Ricoh nozzles use a constant temperature system, which can be used no matter whether you are in the south or north, avoiding the generation of chromatic aberration, more suitable for industrial production.

8. High-drop printing

At present, high drop printing can be achieved, and products with a maximum drop of 1.5 cm can be realized. The application market is wider.

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