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JOHOPE ,printer spare parts

Speaking of Johope (old name Jiahao), we certainly are not unfamiliar, with the company’s inkjet printing parts quite famous in the industry. The technology master from the ink pump started. According to the introduction of Ms. Cao, Jia Hao was created from her judgment on the inkjet printing market and her self-confidence, determined to set foot in UV ink pump research and development, and achieved great success, access to the domestic Many well-known enterprises of all ages.

Since 2000, Johope experienced from the production of inkjet printing parts, and inkjet printing agents to agents (such as Flora, Xu Li, etc.), gradually enriching their business section. According to Cao introduced the agent of Flora 5 meters UV coil machine sales this year up to more than 10 units, and is still rising.

Experience is static, the industry is developed. In the fierce competition in the market, if blindly in place will be backward.JOHOPE constantly learning exchanges, innovative research, and development, and strive to improve the core competitiveness

The current market environment is not good, these two companies hope that a smooth transition. Improve quality and long-term development. Ms. Cao said, UV printing, digital printing, decorative building materials, and craft gifts, Johope is optimistic about the four major development directions. For digital printing, Jia Hao will be “heat transfer” into the future direction of industrial machine Development. Clear goals, firm pace.

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