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Seiko Epson’s New President Mr. Ogawa

On January 31, 2020, Seiko Epson Corporation announced that Yasunori Ogawa, who was originally a director and executive officer, became the new president and legal representative. This decision will take effect on April 1, 2020.

Former President Minoru Usui retired, and he took over as President of the Seiko Epson Group in 2008. After he stepped down as president, he still served as director and chairman of Seiko Epson.

 Brief career history of the new president

NameYasunori Ogawa
Date of birthApril 11, 1962
Place of birthAichi Prefecture, Japan
EducationMaster’s Degree from the School of Engineering, Tohoku University Graduate School
Brief career historyApril 1988Joined Seiko Epson Corporation
April 2017Appointed Chief Operating Officer, Visual Products Operations Division
June 2017Appointed Executive Officer
June 2018Appointed Director, Executive Officer
October 2018Appointed General Administrative Manager, Technology Development Division (current position)
June 2019Appointed Director, Managing Executive Officer (current position)
Appointed Chief Operating Officer, Wearable Products & Industrial Solutions Operations Segment (current position)
Number of Epson shares held13,000 (as of December 31, 2019)


Reasons for change

In March 2019, Epson formulated the second phase of the mid-range business plan, aiming at realizing its Epson 25 corporate vision. By focusing on priority areas, it aims to cope with changes in the business environment and social needs and to transform into a business that can generate high profits.

In the fiscal year ending March 2019, Epson implemented reforms aimed at strengthening its business structure. In the difficult business situation, Epson has promoted collaboration and open innovation with partners and developed and launched original products and services aimed at ensuring future growth.

Going forward expect significant and ongoing changes to Epson’s business environment. Under the leadership and new perspective of Mr. Ogawa Epson will respond flexibly and rapidly to changes as Epson seeks to improve corporate value over the medium- and long term.

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