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Johope Technology -Organizational Capacity Building Project Kick-off Meeting

On October 12, 2020, Shenzhen Johope Group and Zhima Academy successfully held the “Organizational Capacity Building” project kick-off meeting. Group leaders, middle-level cadres, and department business backbones attended this meeting.

Before the beginning of the meeting, The Chairman of Johope Group took the Zhima Team to go around the company.             

At 10 am, the meeting officially began. At the meeting, the chairman of the company Ms.Cao delivered a speech, emphasizing the importance of the group company to this consulting project and its importance to the company’s future development. Jiahao Weiye is in a stage of rapid development, and breakthroughs have been made in its team and business. However, it is necessary to introduce a professional team to help the company make changes, build an operating system, optimize core processes, and improve organizational capabilities in a shorter time.

Teacher Chen Yang pointed out that the Johope group management system is mainly based on the current business scale and personnel scale, and initially establishes a standardized corporate governance, enterprise management system, and personnel training system to consolidate the foundation of management.

Subsequently, Luo Hairong, the director of the consulting project team, introduced and explained the content, working methods, and work plan of the consulting work, and invited senior executives of Johope Group to actively participate to realize the strategic goals of the company and improve the construction of organizational capabilities. ; Build consensus in the process of joint participation, jointly improve organizational energy efficiency, and achieve corporate strategic goals.

Finally, the chairman of the company, Ms. Cao, led the employees to read out the letter of commitment and promised to actively cooperate and never slack in the future implementation of the project. The heads of each department signed and slated

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