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How Many Epson 4720 Print Head in the Markets?

As we all know, Epson print heads are one of the most popular using nozzles in the market. Some models are widely used in large-format printer factories in China.  In the last 5 years, Epson 5113 print head was on fire. since 2019, especially in 2020, Epson 4720 print heads are on now.

Every day, we will get inquiries from clients. ” do you have an Epson 4720 print head ‘ ? ” original Epson 4720 print head locked or not “?   ” how many Epson 4720 print heads are there”? Yes. we have the original Epson 4720 print head. There are so far 4 models of Epson 4720 print head.

4 models of Epson 4720 print head

(1) Epson 4720 print head, this is the so-called locked version, this is also the first type of 4720. when using it, people need to use a decoder board. this is also used in 5113 head printers. The print head price is still cheap, but together with the decoder, is not so cheap.

(2) Epson 4720 print head authorized version, also called Epson 3200 -A1. the water-based print head, widely used in digital textile printers.

(3) Epson 4720 print head version, Epson 3200-E1, an eco-solvent type of print head, now it is getting more and more popular. so far until today, not as many as dx5 still.

(4) Epson 4720 print head authorized version, Epson 3200-U1, uv type.

So, when you buy an Epson 4720 print head, try to find out which one you are finding.

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