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The Crisis is Heavy in 2020, where is the Dawn of China’s Printing Industry?

In the Sino-US trade friction in 2019, the export of China’s printing industry was greatly affected; in 2020, the new crown virus raged all over the world, and the Chinese printing industry was hit hard again.

In 2020, not only the printing industry has been hit hard, but the financial industry, real estate industry, home appliance industry, catering industry, etc. can not escape the impact. As the epidemic continues to expand globally, some experts say that the new crown epidemic, for example, will bring about a global economic recession and even be equivalent to a trade war. It is expected that in 2020, global GDP will be reduced by $ 1 trillion.

1. Focus on domestic trade

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, with the satisfaction of the new coronavirus, the number of countries and regions affected by the epidemic has exceeded 100. In the early stage of the spread of the virus, China adopted all-around control and control. In the long run, under effective control measures, China’s epidemic situation may be put out first in the future.

China is the world’s second-largest economy and the world’s most populous country with a population of 1.4 billion. The world’s largest middle-income group with hundreds of millions of people and more than 100 million market economy entities. The consumption volume of 1.4 billion is huge, and the potential for domestic demand is very large. In addition, to promote the growth of China’s economy in 2020, the government is bound to further stimulate the market’s domestic demand potential and promote market consumption through a series of measures.
Although China’s printing market is full of competition, it is also the most stable and has unlimited possibilities. Therefore, when the foreign market is blocked, it is also an option to transfer part of the energy to the domestic market.

2. Healthy consumption upgrade

This epidemic has largely subverted people’s views on health and made more people realize the importance of health. Under such a big environment, health consumption is bound to usher in explosive growth, and the health industry has a bright future. Pay attention to health, pay attention to health, and pay attention to the theme of people’s future life. More and more people will be willing to spend more money on health products and services.

In the printing industry, people’s pursuit of health is presented in terms of fabric materials, product comfort, and product functions. In terms of fabrics, more people will tend to choose natural materials such as cashmere, pure cotton, silk, hemp, etc. Regarding product comfort and functionality, people will focus on clothing and home textiles with the concept of “health”. Taking the underwear industry as an example, consumers will pay more attention to healthy products and lifestyles, so it will greatly stimulate the explosive growth of the healthy underwear industry and surrounding protective products. The change in the concept of healthy consumption is also a development opportunity for the printing industry. Printing companies can vigorously develop “healthy” products and increase the added value of products under the premise of controllable costs.

3. Broaden business channels

At present, the upstream and midstream of the printing industry mainly rely on offline channel sales. The outbreak of this epidemic has had a fatal impact on traditional offline sales, and many companies have entered a state of suspension. Even if the follow-up is resumed, for various reasons, these enterprises are unable to understand the comprehensive development of various businesses, which ultimately leads to the enterprise always being in a state of loss that is far higher than the cost.

The popularity of China’s Internet and the expansion of e-commerce have changed people’s consumption patterns. Online shopping has become the best consumption method. At the same time, under the influence of the epidemic, social e-commerce has become the main online purchase method. It is predicted that by 2020, the number of Chinese social e-commerce users and market size will increase from 422 million people and 2060.58 billion yuan to 773 million and 300 billion yuan. Compared with traditional e-commerce, social e-commerce has significant advantages in terms of traffic, operations, channels, users, and customer acquisition costs. Live broadcast and social e-commerce are about to usher in a new round of development opportunities.

Although the printing industry is a traditional offline industry, under the impact of e-commerce, it is also a good way to seek online sales. The multi-channel operation will be more resistant to risks for enterprises.

To sum up

At present, printing companies across the country are resuming work in an orderly manner, and the future may usher in a surge in orders. As the global epidemic situation continues to be severe, the trade-offs are changing, and China’s printing industry may change from the current shortage of production capacity to overcapacity in the future, and printers need to deal with this in advance.

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