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What is the Industrial Chain and Demand Scale of China’s Thermal Industry?

ThermalPrintHead (TPH) is a key part of a thermal printer, which adopts the principle of the Joule thermal effect and is controlled by related logic components to realize information printing. The upstream of the thermal printing head is composed of the heating part, wiring layer, insulation layer, resistance layer, substrate, etc. Downstream is thermal printer manufacturers and end consumers.

Affected by paperless offices, the demand for thermal print heads in China has increased.

As one of the important supporting industries of the printer manufacturing industry, the printing head is affected by the operation of the domestic printer manufacturing industry and the market stock of such equipment. Driven by paperless offices, in recent years, the output and demand of domestic printers are slowly declining. According to statistics, the demand for thermal printing heads decreased to 51.854 million in 2021 from 61.896 million in 2015. The market size dropped to 1.679 billion yuan from 1.913 billion yuan in 2015. It is estimated that in 2022, the demand for thermal printing heads in China is about 51205 thousand, with a market size of about 1.695 billion yuan.

Influenced by product brand, application field, product specifications and models, and other factors, the price difference of domestic printing heads is obvious, the price of thermal printing heads is only tens of yuan. In recent years, the average price of thermal printing heads in China has had a slight upward trend. It is estimated that the average price of thermal printing heads in 2022 will rise to 33.1 yuan/piece, an increase of 0.7 yuan/piece compared with 2021.

With the continuous improvement of domestic technology in the field of thermal printing heads, domestic brands of thermal printing heads occupied most of the market share, and domestic thermal printing heads were also exported to foreign countries.

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