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In Today’s Market, why are UV Flatbed Printers More and More Popular?

Printers are very common office equipment in modern people’s life. With frequent use, people have higher and higher requirements for it. Therefore, different types of products have appeared on the market to meet people’s needs. UV printers have also appeared on many occasions. Many people must be curious about this new product and want to know more about it. Let’s take a look with the editor to see what is a UV printer, is and whether a UV printer is easy to use.


What is a UV printer?

let’s take a look at what a UV printer is. UV printers are different from traditional printers. The former is a printer and uses UV ink, hence the name. The UV printer is equipped with a UV lamp, which can make the printed pattern dry and sample immediately. This feature makes both production and sampling very convenient, and its personalized production mode also brings unprecedented convenience to the processing industry. UV printer is a high-precision high-speed printing machine whose precision is optional. The working principle of the UV printer is that one nozzle is responsible for one color. At least four basic colors C, K, M, and Y are required to print a beautiful pattern. The individual of the nozzle can be increased according to the gradient effect and color fineness required by the color of the picture. Count to achieve the requirements of beautiful and realistic patterns.

How is the UV printer easy to use?

(1) Application in art

Due to the characteristics of UV printers, they can be used in various aspects of art. It can print any flat material so the inkjet printing process that had to be manually operated in the past finally liberates productivity and realizes mechanized production.

(2) Application in the decoration industry

Not only is the role of the art field important but also UV printers in the decoration industry have a great impact. The output of the UV printer pattern is completely controlled by the computer and can be printed as you like. It is this feature that makes it quickly open up the market in the field of decoration and gain a certain market share. UV printers are completely suitable for glass sliding doors, ceramic tiles, carpets, curtain walls, partitions, ceilings, wooden boards, plexiglass panels, and other flat materials so that the interior and exterior of the building all show personal characteristics and reflect the cultural heritage.

(3) Application in the advertising industry

It can be said that the emergence of UV printers has brought a great change to the advertising industry. In the past, the advertising industry generally used traditional processes, but the problem of small batches and high costs has not been solved. Even thermal transfer printing has requirements for materials to withstand temperature ranges. The UV printer starts from a single piece, and the LED is the characteristic of the cold light source. It is suitable for any flat material and is unique in the advertising industry.

All In All

UV printers, to put it bluntly, use large-format printers with UV light-curing machine ink. The many advantages of a digital printing press, coupled with the high-quality and ultimate compatibility mode of UV curing inks, make it a popular printer for today’s printers. Compared with traditional water-based inks or eco-solvent inks, UV-curable inks have a higher-quality compatibility mode. After the surfaces of different substances are dried and solidified according to UV LED lights, they can quickly dry images, with bright colors and a layered sense. At the same time, the image is not easy to fade and has the characteristics of moisture-proof, UV-blocking, scratch-proof, and so on.

Given the advantages of this UV printer described above, the most important point of concentration is UV curing ink. UV curing ink is a kind of excellent traditional water-based ink and outdoor eco-solvent ink, which is more compatible with substances. Good ink, UV ink is divided into color ink and printing ink. Color ink is usually printed by CMYKLMLCuv printer integrated with printing ink, which can well print a strong relief effect. Good printout of high-end pattern designs. The application of UV printing ink is different from the color distinction of traditional organic solvent ink. Because UV ink can be applied together with printing ink, many businesses can print out some good-looking relief effects, which is also the first to use printing ink to deposit It has a relief effect, and then print it out with colorful UV ink once to achieve the relief effect. The weak solvent cannot be used to print the relief effect because it cannot be mixed with the printing ink.

The above is the relevant content about what is a UV printer, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

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