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Chinese Printing Printer with Wrong Question Sorting Software

Domestic printing brand Hanyin

In the era when printers were not yet popular, students could only copy them by hand when they needed to redo the test papers or organize the wrong set of questions; Even if there is a traditional printer later, it is necessary to remove the handwriting “P” on the test paper to print, and the wrong questions are still cumbersome. Nowadays, students will no longer have this kind of trouble, and the application of AI technology and intelligent printing technology has perfectly solved these learning pain points.

Smart learning printing solution

At present, the domestic printing brand Hanyin has joined hands with the wrong question sorting software [Bee Examination Paper] to launch a smart learning printing solution in the family education scenario – Hanyin Intelligent Learning Printer Series. Users can output a new handwriting test paper or a set of wrong questions through the handwriting removal and wrong question grouping functions of the printer App, and print them out with their mobile phones for learning and improving training. This means that the intelligent education hardware market will usher in a new round of innovation.

Learning printer FT800 series, U100 series and the MT800 series

It is reported that Hanyin is a high-tech printing solution enterprise with 20 years of printing research and development, production, and sales history, with more than 300 printing patents, products are widely used in retail, catering, medical, home, cloud printing, logistics, manufacturing industry, and other fields, sales cover more than 60 countries around the world, is the domestic mainstream express, the world’s top 500 enterprises, and other small and medium-sized enterprises stable printing solution cooperation enterprises.

In recent years, with the rise of online education and home learning, the market demand for home printers has increased year by year. Based on decades of printing R&D technology precipitation, Hanyin has begun to lay out the family wisdom education track since 2020, built a product research and development team for the home printing track, and successively launched the learning printer FT800 series, U100 series, and the MT800 series of portable printing, with mobile phone printing, inkless printing portable printing experience popular student parent groups.

Cooperation between the Hanyin learning printer and the bee test paper

The cooperation between the Hanyin learning printer and the bee test paper is a special optimization of the learning scenario empowered by the Hanyin printer. The “one-click erase” function of the bee test paper launched by the Hanyin printer aims to solve the pain points of a long time spent sorting out the wrong questions, and the wrong question paper requires parents to manually erase the original handwritten answers. Through the Hanxiaoyin App, users can use the AI technology of handwriting erasure to identify the handwriting content on the test paper, eliminate the handwriting and writing traces, just like the “smart eraser”, form a new handwriting-free test paper, and help the student group spend time and energy on the analysis of wrong questions instead of repeated copying.

In addition, the APP also integrates a massive learning question bank, the automatic box selection of wrong questions in the bee test paper, the free group of wrong questions, the picture to word, and other functions, which is convenient for students to comprehensively test, accurately learn, and practice efficiently, which greatly improves the learning efficiency.

For the cooperation between Hanyin printer and bee test paper in the wisdom education track, industry professionals pointed out that Hanyin, as the leader of domestic printing brands, already has obvious industry competitive advantages in printing technology. The cooperation with the bee test paper will increase the core competitiveness of Hanyin in the smart education track, accelerate the layout of Hanyin in the smart education track, and help Hanyin continue to lead the “education + printing” industry.

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