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Promotion in November- 2020 the last time

Great news about printer spare parts. Large format printers distributor & factory, your attention, please…

Promotion time: 1st ~30th November.

Promotion content:

Promotion 1:

Order payment of more than 5000usd, you get 6000ud parts.

Order payment of more than 3000usd, you get 3500usd parts.

Order payment of more than 1000usd, you get 1100usd parts total.

Remarks: here order not including a print head, PCB boards, motors, drivers, or cleaning device. please contact sales for more information.

Promotion 2:

For every 50pcs KHF-30 & KHF-10 pump, you get 5pcs free.

Some models of ink filters, ink dampers, print head cables, and solenoid valves, get have the same promotion. Please ask sales for more information.

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