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JOHOPE’s DAY Giveaway

JOHOPE’s Day is coming, and we have something special for you to express our heartfelt gratitude! New and existing U.S. customers are welcome.
Join our JOHOPE’s Day giveaway to gain amazing gifts!

1. Dual magnetic hand warmers
2. Skysay wireless earbuds
*You can choose any of the two products.

Who can join?
1. Regular users who have a birthday in the current month
2. Regular users referring a new user
3. Users placing the first order
4. Users whose single order is over $1,000
5. Users whose monthly cumulative orders exceed $5,000

Event Time and Collection Method:
Event Time: November 1st, 2023–November 30th, 2023
Collection method: Our staff will arrange express delivery according to qualified users, and the gifts and main products will be sent separately.

*This event is limited to users in the United States.
*The same user can only receive one gift during the event period.
*We will notify qualified users via email; please check back in time.
*Overdue time will be regarded as a waiver.
*If you have any questions, you can contact the sales, and they will answer you promptly.

Thank you for your active participation and support! Don’t forget to share our activity on your social media to let more friends know about our special offer! You can also check out our printer-related knowledge and maintenance tips on our official JOHOPE website or social media sites like Facebook. Thanks for your attention!

Let’s enjoy a quality printing experience together!


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