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The Nice Cooporation with Myanmar Customers

In August 2020, I received an enquiry from a Myanmar customer.

At the beginning, the customer just asked me the items he need:DX4 eco solvent printhead and some other spare parts-pinch roller&pulley,but not sure because we have many types of pulley and pinch roller.Then I patiently helped the customer to confirm all the products more accurately. The customer is very grateful for my help.

At the same month, the customer finally placed an order on August 11:DX4 eco solvent printhead,pulley,pinch roller,belt,head cleaning liquid.

After packing the goods, I took some pictures of the packaged product and tracked the logistics,the customers so happy that I am do so much for him also very satisfaction with our products, and will arrange next order soon.

This is the first customer that have given me enough patience and trust, and the payment is very fast.After business we also a best friend,because he usually sharing music and movies for me.Hoping we can be friend forever.

Thank customers for their trust.

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