Xaar 1201 Print Head


Basic Info.

  • Brand: XAAR
  • Active Nozzles: 1280
  • Drop Volume: 2.5PL
  • Dimensions: 118 mm x 20 mm x 90.4 mm
  • Jetting Frequency: up to 60 kHz
  • Print Width: 55.2 mm
  • Weight:34 g
  • Original or Not: Original
  • New or Used: Brand New
  • Warranty Policy: No Warranty
  • Compatible Ink Types: UV-curable, solvent-based, and aqueous inks

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Printer Compatibility

Product Details

Manufacturer: XAAR
Best-in-class print quality
The Xaar 1201 delivers a high print quality superior to other printheads in its class.

8 grey levels at 600npi give an apparent resolution better than 1440dpi.Two printheads can be mounted inline to create an economical 4-color printer delivering 600npi native resolution per color.

Alternatively, with just four printheads, OEMs can design printers with 1200 npi by 1200 npi native resolution.

The small drop size of 2.5 pL delivers the best combination of throughput and print quality for a range of applications. Variable drop size allows small drops for ultra-close viewing and large drops for long-distance viewing.

Highly versatile
The Xaar 1201 incorporates several features which make it an extremely versatile printhead for banners and Point of Sale (POS) applications.

Capable of printing 1, 2, or 4 colors per printhead.Can be configured to print 4 colors at 300npi or 2 colors at 600npi depending on the price point and end-user profile that OEMs wish to target Two pairs of interleaved rows means that OEMs have a choice of native resolution – the default resolution when running 4 colors is 300npi. Running 2 colors per printhead takes advantage of the nozzle row pair pre-alignment to achieve 600npi per color.

The Xaar 1201 jets are solvent-based or aqueous inks. This means that it can be used to print a range of substrates including photo paper, vinyl, canvas, and textiles.


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